FMO Technology

From our Dock to your Customer’s Door

FMO cross dock

Cross Dock Technology

Our cross dock technology allows us to turn inbound trailers into outbound trailers in a short period of time.  With our cloud-based technology we have the ability to receive goods at one loading dock and ship them out through another door almost immediately, saving you storage fees and handling charges.


  • Our system allows us receive electronic manifests before a truck arrives.
  • Allows us to stage the floor prior to inbound trailers.
  • Allows us to keep track of cross dock inventory and locations.
  • We use RF technology to scan pallets and boxes as they are received, put away and shipped out.


Cross Dock RF Scanning Technology


Dispatch, Route optimization, and Tracking Software


Final Mile customer service team available to answer your client’s delivery inquiries.

FMO automated dispatch

Automated Dispatch Software

Our automated Dispatch software allows our customer service team to dispatch and manage our delivery team in one centralized view in real time. Allowing us to…


  • Track a delivery in real time
  • Optimize routes and schedules and resource allocation
  • Assign tasks
  • Stay updated and connected with drivers.
  • Provide automated messaging via text or email
  • Prepare efficiency report to optimize driver performance.

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FMO tracking & route

Tracking and Route Optimization

Our route optimisation software allows us to pick the shortest & fastest routes, allowing us to manage multiple deliveries with efficiency and cost reduction.

Route mapping reduces the estimated time of arrival on deliveries and ensures an exceptional delivery experience for the end customers.